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Alpha Ωmega Professionals is operated by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the staffing business. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker looking to fill a temporary or direct hire position, we will work to gain your trust. We are also active members of American Staffing Association & California Staffing Professionals, Inc.

We treat everyone with respect and consideration. And while we pride ourselves on our personal touch, we’re equally committed to being efficient by using the latest technology. Our staffing database makes it easy for us to match qualified candidates with openings quickly. Routine procedures are handled automatically. With less paperwork, we can spend more time personally serving the needs of our clients, candidates and staffers.

Our goal is also to help people grow professionally. We support our staffers through ongoing performance evaluations, skills enhancements, cross-training and access to optional benefit packages. For those seeking a direct hire position, we provide resume and interviewing support, and guidance to help get that perfect job.

We believe our approach to doing business creates better, more positive relationships. Ultimately, that means more satisfied clients and more productive employees.

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performance guarantee

We offer all clients a no-risk Performance Guarantee. With temporary workers, if you're not completely satisfied with the temp we provide--for any reason--just call us within the first four hours. We’ll send a replacement as soon as possible, and waive the charge for the time spent.

And with direct hires, if you're not satisfied within the first 30 days of hiring a candidate, contact us and we will replace him/her at no charge.

get that perfect job

Check out our job listing and simply apply online. We'll contact you to get started on the next step to finding the ideal position for you.

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